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Thank  you for visiting the Guitar Doctor. Our services range from annual checkups, prescription for common ailments, physical therapy, and major to minor surgery, in a comfortable,traditional setting with cutting edge technology. We treat every instrument with the understanding that is your valuable property, no matter what manufacturer or model.From an inexpensive beginner introductory piece, to a rare vintage item, every guitar and stringed instrument will benefit from having a proper set up with the player’s style and ability in mind. Please have a look at our site as we will be adding new case studies and maintenance tips for your further understanding of this most wonderful instrument.

Christopher B Maul,

The Guitar Doctor


Welcome to the Guitar Doctor Website.  Look inside for information about our services and featured repairs.

Christopher B Maul

The Guitar Doctor

Lancaster, Pennsylvanis

Special Repair Services

Restoration Service, Neck resets, Refrets, Bridge and saddle work, nut and action adjustments, crack repair, brace regluing, and more. The banner photograph above illustrates a complex top restoration to the bridge area of a rare 1933 Gibson L-OO that had suffered damage from a prior poorly executed bridge repair. The guitar also underwent brace regluing, bridge plate replacement, brace replacement, top crack repair, and has been restored to playing condition.